Eastern Shore of Virginia Emmaus Website Updates:


January 4, 2017 -January Walk Way posted to Newsletter tab.

December 29, 2016 -2017 Board Members posted.

December 27, 2016 - 2017 Gathering Schedule posted.

2014 - 2017 Walk Dates posted . Click here

Using the Emmaus directory to send emails to other community members to solicit business IS A VIOLATION OF PRIVACY AND THE INTENT OF THE EMMAUS DIRECTORY. Please remember the intent of the Emmaus directory, for Emmaus business only, respect the privacy of our community members and REFRAIN FROM USE OF THE EMMAUS DIRECTORY FOR SOLICITATION OF ANY KIND.

The Eastern Shore Emmaus Community is affiliated with the Upper Room Emmaus movement, Nashville, Tennessee. Notwithstanding Eastern Shore Emmaus' affiliation and commitment to the Upper Room Emmaus movement in Nashville, the community is also aware of its opportunity to share with members of Emmaus or similar communities in the area.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal.

The goal of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Emmaus Community shall be to inspire, challenge and equip church members, regardless of affiliation, for Christian action in their homes, churches, places of work and communities through the Emmaus experience.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Emmaus Community holds critical the enriching values of ecumenism in the entire Emmaus experience. Thus, participation by all Christian faiths is actively encouraged in all phases of Eastern Shore Emmaus activities.

Emmaus is an ecumenical lay movement for Spiritual renewal which seeks to develop Christian disciples supported by structured Christian environments.

Including clergy and laity alike, the movement works parallel to and in support of Christian churches and seeks to develop Christian leaders that will better serve their churches.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Emmaus shall be guided by the following principles:

A. Eastern Shore of Virginia Emmaus is open to all Christian faiths and denominations.

B. It is designed for adult men and women

C. It will introduce an individual to the mechanism, methods, and techniques of Emmaus.

Notice: Community members please advise Eastern Shore of Virginia Walk to Emmaus of any change in your contact details
(ie) address - phone number - email address